Social Justice

Students will have a chance to learn about individuals with physical disabilities, focusing on amputees. Students will reflect on past experiences with quick writes. They will watch videos on the abilities of amputees, as well as discrimination towards amputees. After the video, students will collect into groups of four and be guided by questions to discuss their experiences as well as the videos. The purpose of this video is to bring awareness of discrimination towards the physically disabled. One of the activities completed during this class is making modifications of exercises to help fictional characters with various amputees. Students are required to critically think about this character's dilemma, and make adjustments from exercises they learned to help this person succeed their described goal. From this point, the lesson has not yet reached outside of the classroom. In order to reach the community, students are required to have a similar component of modified exercises in their end project brochure. As apart of their service to the community, students will pass out their brochure and teach to the community what they themselves have learned. A portion of this teaching in the community will be about physical disabilities. After students have passed out their brochures and talked to community members, there will be a class discussion about their experiences. How people received the information, what was mentioned about physical disabilities. A short write up will also be included so every child has their chance to speak and share their experiences.

For more information, please refer to the lesson plan below that has the step by step process on the social justice lesson: