Service Learning

At the end of the unit students will create a brochure of what they have learned (refer to assessment and rubric for more details on what is required). Once the brochure has been approved by the teachers, copies will be made. Students will go out into the community, on their own time, pass out the brochures, and help educate the community about exercise and fitness. Students will be required to step out of the comfort box and not only pass out the brochures, but talk to the community members as well. They will be required to talk to 15 different community members about their brochure, the fitness they learned, as well as awareness of disabilities and modifications so they can be successful too. This offers students a chance to reinforce what they have learned by teaching it to others. Strict rules of engagement will be discussed before the service learning portion to educate the students on safety when passing out brochures. After brochures are passed out, students will return to class for a class discussion on their experiences. A short write up will follow to ensure that each student has a voice to their experience if they did not have a chance to talk in class in their groups, or chose not to. The discussion will relate to community members' responses to the students information on fitness, as well as how they responded when taught about the modifications that can easily be made for the success of an amputee. The end of the discussion will also relate on how the students think they helped bring awareness to the physically disabled community by their actions.