Differentiation Strategies for Alex:

1) Variation of sources provided, verbal, discussion, and handout to support auditory presentation of information.
Speak slowly, distinctly, and write down key terms. Provide extra vocab sheet on root words. Provide 7th grade websites and printed reading material for 7th grade life science reading level. Increase wait time during discussion. Consistent routines during lab write up for Biology class. Outline provided during Biology lecture and for the whole unit to help with difficult concepts. Relate to prior knowledge during warm up and closing activities during lesson.
Graphic Organizers and coloring sheets provided to reinforce new vocabulary. Extra time offered before/after school for individual attention.
2) Small group work in their lab team groups to reinforce new information but also offer a chance for new relationships to be made, and prevent Alex from becoming isolated during class time. This also goes for the “Think-pair-share” portion of the class discussion.
Alex will be seated at one of the front lab tables in Biology class. He will be seated next to a strong sociable successful student.
3) Lots of small discussions. An opportunity to grasp the information from peer resources. This also gives the student a chance to apply and check for comprehension, work on language skills, use new academic vocabulary, and ask for help if something was not understood.
Alex may have trouble during cat dissection online web quest activity in Biology. The images may scare him. Proceed with caution and provide emotional support and excuse him from visiting that website.