-Jonny Fitsburg is a very quiet and sweet 9th grader. He is very attentive, quick to respond, and gets along great with the other students in his class. He is very shy when approached personally, but always carries a smile. Jonny has an IEP for a speech stutter. His academic testing in reading comprehension and mathematics is average, and locomotor/fine motor skills are recorded as normal. Jonny receives school help on speech skills from a speech pathologist during school hours. It has been noted that Jonny responds best with visual material, and responds less with just auditory information. In his IEP he states that math is his favorite subject, in P.E., he has expressed soccer is his favorite sport we have covered thus far in class.Jonny is of Asian heritage but only speaks English at school and at home. His family is very supportive and actively involved with Jonny’s academics. Jonny’s family lives in Encinitas CA, and has a SES of middle to upper middle class.
-Jonny has expressed interest in becomming stronger so he can try out for the soccer team at LCC.
-In product and content, Jonny does just fine obtaining information and expressing understanding with the rest of the class, modification will not be needed in those aspects. Modification whoever will be needed with conversing with Jonny or having Jonny present information to the class during the student activities. The main aspect is to give Jonny plenty of time to answer with response is verbal. Patience is key to giving Jonny success in letting him speak. Other modifications would be not to call on Jonny unexpectedly to put him on the spot. Have him respond in front of the class only when he volunteers and raises his hand. If Jonny does raise his hand, give him plenty of time to respond with no pressure to complete an answer.

Differentiation Strategies for Jonny in Biology class:

1) Variation of sources provided, verbal, discussion, and handout to support auditory presentation of information.

Speak slowly, distinctly, and write down key terms. Increase wait time during discussion. Consistent routines during lab write up for Biology class. Outline provided during Biology lecture and for the whole unit to help with difficult concepts. Relate to prior knowledge during warm up and closing activities during lesson.

Graphic Organizers and coloring sheets provided to reinforce new vocabulary and provide extra visual aids. Extra time offered before/after school for individual attention when he is pulled out of class for speech.

2) Small group work in their lab team groups to reinforce new information but also offer a chance for new relationships to be made. This also goes for the “Think-pair-share” portion of the class discussion.

Jonny will need to be seated with another shy student and two other more outgoing students in his Biology lab team group. He doesn't need to be up front, however discourage from being seated near the corner where he will tend to behave less outgoing.

3) Lots of small discussions. An opportunity to grasp the information from peer resources. This also gives the student a chance to apply and check for comprehension, work on language skills, use new academic vocabulary, and ask for help if something was not understood.

Jonny will benefit from the many opportunities to speak to work on his pronunciation.