Task 17 Unit Differentiation Strategies Samuel


-This student does not have an IEP nor is he an English Language Learner, but he is a student with a special need that needs to be addressed in this unit. Samuel is heavily overweight and struggles to complete most physical education activities. He is very self conscious of his weight and modifications are going to need to be made in order for Samuel to be successful in this unit. If he finds this unit to be very successful for himself, he has a better chance of continuing towards a healthier weight.
Samuel is in
9th grade, and considered an average student, who obtains mostly B’s in class with a few C’s. He is normally very socialable in most academic classes, but becomes quieter during physical education class. Samuel is at a normal social development, but often looks bored or disconnected from material. He will respond when ask to complete work, but performs better with extrinsic motivation. In a student survey passed out at the beginning of the clinical practice, Samuel responded he feels he learns best from auditory and visual presentation on information. Samuel is Caucasian male with a middle class SES, and split residence in Encinitas with divorced parents. Parents have 50/50 custody over Samuel and take time to make sure he is completing his work on time. He enjoys spending his time on the computer and video games.

-Samuel has told his Physical Education teacher he wishes he could get to a point where he could finish the P.E. activities like the other students in the class. This unit it perfect for Samuel in the sense that it will give him the education he needs in order to achieve this wish.

-For Samuel in Physical Education, content and product will not need modification, but the process will. Some of the exercises Samuel might not be able to complete right away. On days that there will be an exercise Samuel may have difficulty completing, the teacher will approach him with modifications before class so he does not have to be singled out during class in front of his peers.

Exercises that may need to be modified-
The Plank, although Samuel can assume the position of a proper plank, he cannot hold it for over a few seconds. As a result, I will present Samuel with two modifications where he can choose which on he is more comfortable with. Modification one will be that he can hold the plank with his arms straight instead of bent and the second modification is that he has the option to use the exercise ball. We only have a few exercise balls for use, when offered to the students I will make sure to get one to Samuel (discreatly) and the others to students who choose to use them. This will enable Samuel to still strengthen his core but also be able to complete the assignment with the rest of the class.
The Squat, Samuel will have the option to use an exercise ball for this exercise as well to aid in helping him complete the squat for is removes some of the weight and stress away from the quads. Other students will also be given this option so Samuel does not have to feel sqluded but also improving his fitness.
Push up- A push up is difficult many students at this age to complete. Samuel will be far from the only one who will need a modification in this exercise to be successful. for students having difficulty, one modification is doing push ups on the knees until upper body is strengthened.

Differentiation Strategies for Samuel in Biology class:

1) Variation of sources provided, verbal, discussion, and handout to support auditory presentation of information.
Speak slowly, distinctly, and write down key terms. Outline provided during Biology lecture and for the whole unit to help with difficult concepts. Relate to prior knowledge during warm up and closing activities during lesson. Graphic Organizers and coloring sheets provided to reinforce new vocabulary. Extra time offered before/after school for individual attention.
2) Small group work in their lab team groups to reinforce new information but also offer a chance for new relationships to be made. This also goes for the “Think-pair-share” portion of the class discussion.
Many opportunities to encourage positive relationship interaction is provided in all three subjects during the think-pair-share activities described in the lesson plans.
3) Samuel will need to be seated at a lab station table that has a lot of space around his seat. Encourage him to get up and out of his seat often doing small tasks to help teacher to keep him moving.