The Community of La Costa

Mission Statement

“Provide a world class education for all students through quality programs that engage students, inspire achievement and service to others, and prepare students to be lifelong learners and responsible member of society.”

Geographic Location

La Costa Canyon High School is located 15 minutes inland from the Pacific Coast in Carlsbad CA. The school takes up it’s on secluded valley, surrounded by a neighborhood of homes and a large recreational park called Stage Coach Park.

1 Maverick Way Carlsbad, Ca, 92009
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Where Students Live in Relation to Campus

Due to the nature of San Dieguito Union School District, High schools are “choice schools”. Parents can elect which high school they want their students to attend and put them in a lottery system to obtain attendance at the high school. As an effect, students live in a wide area from the school and are represented from the coastal communities of Cardiff, Encinitas, Leucadia, Olivenhain, and south Carlsbad.

Political Climate of Community

Number of the California Assembly district in which this school is located. : 74
Name of the California Assembly member for the district in which this school is located. : Mark Wyland
Political party affiliation of this Assembly member: Republican

Number of the California Senate district in which this school is located. : 38
Name of the California Senate member for the district in which this school is located. : Bill Morrow
Political party affiliation of this Senate member: Republican

Number of the U.S. congressional district in which this school is located. : 50
Name of the U.S. congressional member for the district in which this school is located. : Randy Cunningham
Political party affiliation of this U. S. congressional member: Republican

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School Personnel Information

Teacher Education Background (2009)
Percent With Ph.D.: 80.6%
Percent With Master's Degree
  • School: 65.3%
  • District: 61.5%
Percent With Bachelor's Degree: 1.6%

Teacher Credentials & Experience (2009)

Percent of Teachers With Credentials: 100.0%
Number of Certificated Staff: 124.0
Average Number of Years of Teacher Experience: 14.8
Average Age of Teacher:
School: 43.2
District: 49.7

Over the past 13 years, La Costa Canyon has seen 7 different principals.
Click on links below to see current 2011-2012 school year staff and administration lists:

Reputation of School

Test Scores

API :815 (2010), 818 (2011). Met growth target by 3.
API scores by subgroup, viewed here: API subgroup (2010)

CST Scores LCC in dark blue, SDUSD in light blue, CA in gray

Use Great Schools Website as a reference tool to compare and contrast LCC to surrounding schools. Great Schools Organization
According to a Parent Survey, the extracurricular activities that LCC is best known for are Lacrosse, Football and Student Government. The academics at the school are rigorous, however parents thought the students were assigned too much homework. Parents thought that the teacher commitment to student success met their expectations. The approach to learning and teaching at LCC is more traditional than alternative/creative.

Student Input on the Reputation of the School

  • "There are cliques. I'm Hispanic and a minority at this school and find it hard to fit in and there are groups based upon our races here. As soon as something gets stolen or if there is some behavior problem we automatically get asked first" -12th grade student
  • "I really like this school. I chose to go here over San Diegutio Academy and Canyon Crest because I knew it would give me a better chance to do well. Those other school choices were too snobbish for me." -9th grade student
  • "Some of the teachers aren't that good, but most of the teachers I've had are okay." -11th grade student

Campus Architecture

A YouTube video that portrays a visual of the campus as well as information about the logistics, athletics, community involvement, and discipline measures at the school can be found here.

Participation of Community in School

Click on link below about the La Costa Canyon High School Foundation, which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1996 to bring parents and the local community together to support La Costa Canyon High School financially.
La Costa Canyon High School Foundation Website

The Encinitas Coastal Rotary Club sponsors the LCC Interact Club and every spring hosts the speech contest. The school also has an American Red Cross Youth Club on campus to reach out to the community.

Student Population Information

Student Information

Approximately 2,500 students currently attend La Costa Canyon High School. Student ethnicities can be summarized into 4 groups:
  • White: 76%
  • Latino: 16%
  • Asian/Filipino/Pacific Islander: 6.5%
  • African America: 1%

Of the 165 students enrolled in the English Language learner program:
  • 90% identify Spanish as their primary language
  • 10% include Russian, Korean, Farsi and Thai

Almost 300 students are enrolled in the Free/Reduced Lunch Program at La Costa Canyon High.

Information about 5 Individual Students

These students represent the diversity of the school because they come from all socioeconomic backgrounds and have a variety of needs. These students also have a variety of interests.

  • Adolfo is a Mexican-American Intermediate English Language Learner in Tenth grade; he has a low socioeconomic status, and is an intermediate ELL. He lives with his single mother and has an older sister in college. Adolfo has been in the United States for 3 years. He is self-sufficient when it comes to completing homework tasks and he comes to after school tutoring when he is struggling with the material. On Saturdays and Sundays he sells merchandise at the swap meet for his family’s business. His favorite classes are math and PE, and he enjoys doing ballet folklorico.
  • Elena is a 15 year-old 10th grader and is an Early Intermediate English Language Learner. She is from Mexico and both of her parents are professionals. Her extended family includes aunts, uncles, and cousins. Her grandparents live in Mexico and she and her family visit them in the summer. She has been in the Unites State for one and a half years. She is literate in Spanish and often reads Spanish literature. Her report cards from her school in Mexico indicate above average grades. Elena is somewhat shy socially but is well liked and works well in small groups. She is seldom absent from school. The CELDT results indicate overall score in the Early Intermediate range, and she has been identified as an English learner.
  • Alex is a 15-year-old boy in the 10th grade. He had difficulty with the development of his early literacy skills, including the acquisition of sound/symbol relationships and word identification, demonstrated in both his reading and writing. In the second grade, Alex was identified as a student with specific learning disabilities. Since then, Alex has received special education support primarily in a resource room for language arts, while he is included in the general education curriculum. He is able to independently read text at a 7th grade level and continues to struggle with decoding words. Alex also has asthma for which he takes daily medication and occasionally needs to use an inhaler. He is a self-isolating person who does not readily join into whole-class conversations or contribute to group l\
  • Jonny is a very quiet and sweet 9th grader. He is very attentive, quick to respond, and gets along great with the other students in his class. He is very shy when approached personally, but always carries a smile. Jonny has an IEP for a speech stutter. His academic testing in reading comprehension and mathematics is average, and locomotor/fine motor skills are recorded as normal. Jonny receives school help on speech skills from a speech pathologist during school hours. It has been noted that Jonny responds best with visual material, and responds less with just auditory information. In his IEP he states that math is his favorite subject, in P.E., he has expressed soccer is his favorite sport we have covered thus far in class. Jonny is of Asian heritage but only speaks English at school and at home. His family is very supportive and actively involved with Jonny’s academics. Jonny’s family lives in Encinitas CA, and has a SES of middle to upper middle class.
  • Samuel is a 9th grade average student, who obtains mostly B’s in class with a few C’s. He is normally very sociable in most academic classes, but becomes quieter during physical education class. Samuel is a student that needs special attention for this unit in the fact that he is heavy overweight, approaching obesity. He struggles to complete simple tasks in Physical Education and it is apparent that this affects his self esteem. Samuel is at a normal social development, but often looks bored or disconnected from material. He will respond when ask to complete work, but performs better with extrinsic motivation. In a student survey passed out at the beginning of the clinical practice, Samuel responded he feels he learns best from auditory and visual presentation on information. Samuel is Caucasian male with a middle class SES, and split residence in Encinitas with divorced parents. Parents have 50/50 custody over Samuel and take time to make sure he is completing his work on time. He enjoys spending his time on the computer and video games.

Photographs of the campus


A shot of the football field and main learning environment for Physical Education


Homecoming 2011