Learning about Technology

Students will learn about technology specifically in their biology course during a Web Quest activity and as a study guide. Students will become familiar with online researching tools and practice gathering data to complete activities as an individual, lab team, and whole class. Students will do this on two reserved computer lab days in the library, as well as follow along with the teacher's computer in class. Students will become familiar with these science education websites to use as a study tool for the final exam and as a lifetime health resource. Here are links to the websites students will be using: Get Body Smart, Sacromere Shortening Simulation, National Institutes of, HealthVirtual Cat Dissection

Students will also use technology in their math class to create a Google spreadsheet. Students will enter formulas for calculating Basic Metabolic Rate for weight loss and weight maintenance into the spreadsheet. Once formulas have been properly entered, any height, weight and age can be entered into the blank fields, and the spreadsheet will calculate the BMR for a person who does light, medium or moderate exercise.

Application of Technology

As part of the co-teaching summative assessment, students will be required to create a brochure using MS Word, Excel and any online software. Students can use the online research tools they discovered in their technology lesson to find information they would like to include in their brochures. In their brochures, students can also include a url for their Google spreadsheet so people in the community can learn more about their Basic Metabolic Rate through the Google spreadsheet.